Published on 10 February 2016

The new line of Tea and Infusions

The new packages have a fresh and lively floral graphics


A sip of infusion with Exotic fruits, refreshing taste of peppermint, the spicy licorice and black pepper, reminiscent of distant Lands
Our teas are so different from one another but all prepared with quality ingredients, selected one by one.
The New line of tastes presents five teas and four infusions to drink slowly for a relaxing break in the office or at home, at breakfast, during the five o’clock tea-time or in the evening after dinner. They are also delicious to taste cold in summer as thirst-quencher.

The new packages have a fresh and lively floral graphics, light green for tea and purple line for infusions. A colored sticker applied to the boxes kit will allow you to recognize the different aromas: a perfect combination of green tea with the addition of ginger and lemon, whole leaf of black tea Orange Pekoe, the Earl Grey bergamot tea, red tea with hibiscus and fruit. And again infused apple and raspberry, chamomile, infused red fruit, herbal tea and peppermint infused with Mediterranean flavors.

Within each pack there are 15 pyramidal fabric filters, chosen because their shape allows to preserve the whole tea leaves, pieces of fruit and flower petals, for making the most of their aroma and flavor. Each tea-bag is individually wrapped and sealed in a transparent envelope, to maintain its characteristics and its fragrance.