Published on 19 April 2016

New Capsules Goppion in pack of 10 and 30 pieces

The same quality aroma in a handy format


A new packaging for our coffee capsules, with same quality as always. Four different mixtures, made up coffee before carefully selected and then roasted slowly, to the ideal point to get a perfect result in the cup.

Pregiato: Blend made of 100% Arabica coffees coming from Central and South America and Ethiopia. Intense and velvety taste with long-lasting dark chocolate aftertaste. Caffeine content from fine coffees is naturally very low.

Classico: Blend made up of fine Arabica coffees with a strong taste, intense aftertaste, and persistent fruity aftertaste. Low caffeine content.

Aromatico: Blend with mainly Arabica coffees from Central and South America. Round and full-bodied taste with dark chocolate notes. Medium/low caffeine content.

Decaffeinato: Selected and decaffeinated Arabica coffee blend. Soft and delicate taste. The aftertaste is characterized by hints of fresh fruit. Caffeine content below 0.1%.
The real news is in the format. The new elegant colorful paper boxes take up little space because they are compact, to be conserved more conveniently in the pantry.
Each has a unique bag that preserves many as 10 capsules, transparent to show the coffee contained inside. The Goppion capsules are compatible with machines for domestic use to mark Nespresso® *

(* The trademark is not owned by Goppion properties or companies related to it)