Published on 5 October 2016

Goppion Barista Campus

A day of celebrations


Last Friday the first edition of the Goppion Barista Campus took place. And we already really want to organize the second one.
Thanks to the mild weather – unusually warm for the season – we welcomed 300 guests on a day that started at dawn and ended at late night, with dancing, toasts, friends and good food. There were lots of international customers that honored us with their presence. They arrived from Poland, Japan, the Philippines, Iran, only to mention a few names.
There were many people attending the meetings with various experts of the field, that ranged from tastings to coffee-machine cleaning, from the importance of the water in preparing coffee, until the Fair trade certification.
The meeting Aldo Pavan ( was particularly crowded and exciting. He is a photographer and film director that works with Rai and he accompanied us on a beautiful trop through the producing countries, creating in the engrossed audience a whirlwind of emotions.
Even the technical ares aroused the guests’ interest. Here one could find the espresso machines, but also the alternative extraction systems, as well as tasting imaginative culinary creations prepared with our beloved beverage.
So it was a day of training, with a high standard of quality and a very technical approach, but also a chance to meet our clients, a way to put into contact diverse cultures in the world of coffee.
What remains is the feeling of having been particularly enriched by this Campus, both from a human and professional point of view.We hope it was the same for our guests. We now just have to get on with our work to organize a new edition, even richer and – we hope – more exciting.