Published on 21 March 2017

Limited Edition n. 11

A fantastic story


Our new Limited Edition is ready. For 11 years we have been creating a special package for collectors and coffee lovers. Every year an artist creates an artwork for a tin containing a special blend characterized by the unmistakable taste of Ethiopian coffee: a flowery aroma with chocolate notes. For 2017 we have involved Federica Last and Alex Natali from Mimicocodesign. Federica and Alex have illustrated our corporate calendar by narrating the coffee world every month through not only a bean, a cup or a coffee maker, but also with special elements and actors that create a funny 12-month journey. We loved this project so much and thus decided to use the same artworks to give birth to our three Limited Edition tins.

The package, illustrated by Mimicocodesign studio, is available in three versions. The blend consists of a selection of slow-roasted 100% Arabica beans. Sold both ground and as whole beans, you can recognize this product from the lid: white for whole beans, black for ground coffee.