Published on 28 November 2017

Christman mood is on at Goppion, with the red new tin by Alex Miles

A brand new package, a special gift for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth for design


A new red tin illustrated by Australian artist Alex Miles – this is our Christmas present for coffee lovers and collectors.
Available in all Goppion Coffee Shops and online, our tin adds a dash of colour to the holidays table and under the Christmas tree and provides the festive meals with a warm hug of flower and fruit aromas, nutty notes and chocolate. The new tin has in fact being designed to become not only the perfect Christmas present for coffee lovers but also an evergreen classic.

“For us coffee is not simply a drink. For us coffee is the right way to kick off the day, the excuse to stay with friends and people we love, an invigoring break with colleagues”  explains Paola Goppion, in charge of marketing and communication at Goppion. “This is why we have decided to create a bright red tin that is perfect for Christmas time but also for sharing with people we spend most time – and drink more coffees – with. And once the coffee is finished, well it’s your time to be creative”.

Smooth lines and a retrò design are the key features of our tin which has been decorated by Alex Miles. This is the first project Goppion and the Australian artist have carried out together before starting a specific partnership for the celebration of Goppion’s 70th Anniversary.

Graphics are ispired by tribal drawings and portrait small flowers and moka pots – a way to pay homage to the homeland of this 100% Arabica blend and to those who love the classic preparation of coffee, those who love the murmuring of the moka pot.