Coffee School

Coffee is a sublime beverage but very delicate.

Combining and dosing a variety of coffees, Goppion obtains its blends, which become a collection of unmistakable flavors.
This is also the strategy: the blends have different characters that leave space to different tastes, also defining the character of our customers.
Everyone has a favorite taste, identifying with an aftertaste they like to bring with them.

The Barista, that is the person who uses the coffee machine, is the star of the scene ready to perform a miracle. Coffee is ready for sale, ready to use, be it in bean form or ground. Water – an important ingredient – is missing, as is the hand of the barista who creates the beverage.
This passage is of basic importance and makes the difference between an excellent coffee, or just a good coffee.
This difference defines the success of the cafe: serve excellence.