The silos in the cafe hold the scent of the lands of origin.


Goppion taste is the result of years of research and selection in uncontaminated far-away lands, where nature has kept is power. Our blends release the aromas and fragrances that the top coffee connoisseurs recognize upon first taste. Prized, quality Arabica coffee include among their main characteristics, that of having a very low caffeine content.


Top Class

This is the name of a blend with an intense, fine, enveloping flavor with a chocolaty character.


Central America makes this blend “exclusive”. Slightly acidic yet the palate blooms with a flowery-honey bouquet, with a very low caffeine content.

Gran Gourmet

Round, full, balanced flavor in a cup. The rich body is an essential base for all espresso coffee.

Stella Maggiore

This blend is the Star of South and Central America, in which the palate perceives an intense, pleasantly full flavor.

Cinque Stelle

The high quality gives this blend a delicate aroma, a pleasantly fruity flavor, and a rounded body.

Quattro Stelle

The intense aromatic perfume of this Arabica blend from South and Central America have an intense rich flavor that dares have a chocolaty flavor.

Tre Stelle

Blend of mostly Arabica coffee, this blend has a decided flavor and low caffeine content.

Decaffeinate for silos

A blend of prized decaffeinated coffee that is predominantly Arabica, giving this product its delicate personality. It has a light flavor and the caffeine content is less than 0.10%.


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