Rex Caffè

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Blend of coffee beans made of Arabica coffee from Central and South America, in addition to carefully-sorted Robusta coffee. Velvety blend, intense in
taste and with a strong personality.
Average caffeine content.

Suitable for use in cafés, pastry-shops and modern bars frequented by young people.
Ideal in espressos, cappuccinos and special concoctions.
It goes well with lightly-flavoured, delicate dishes.

Product features

  • Aroma
  • Body
  • Cream
  • Sweetness
  • Chocolaty
  • Persistence
  • Quality guarantees
  • Production guarantees
  • Production preparation
  • Gruppo Triveneto Torrefattori Caffè
  • Qualità selezionata
  • Bi-chromatic colour sorting
  • Pre-tasting
  • Separate roasting
  • Slow roasting
  • Espresso bar