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“In any case coffee must be perfect at the origin and then perfectly roasted“

Sergio Goppion

soft and velvety taste with a long-lasting chocolate aftertaste. Very low caffeine content.

Arabica CSC®
Brasile, Etiopia, Guatemala

Robusta CSC®

Espresso di Piantagione – CSC®: excellent coffees certified by “Certified Specialty Coffees”.

Blend of selected Arabica coffees certified by CSC® coming from Brazil and Central America.
Intense and complex aroma, full body and fine acidity. Balanced in the cup. The rich aftertaste of vanilla and cocoa. The persistence is long and aroma is delicate.

Very low caffeine content.


Aroma 90%
Body 80%
Cream 60%
Persistance 80%
Sweetness 90%


The meaning of Bevilo Buono


CSC® – Certified Speciality Coffee – is an association founded in 1996 from the expertise and passion of a group of Coffee Roaster, aimed at promoting the culture of quality coffee. The Consortium applies a number of procedures that have been conceived to obtain accurate and proved quality standards for the whole coffee production cycle.