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“In any case coffee must be perfect at the origin
and then perfectly roasted“

Sergio Goppion

Caffè Nativo
Good and fair, from organic farming

Arabica bio-Fairtrade:
Decaffeinato*: Arabica Nicaragua, Guatemala

Blend of Arabica coffees from Central America grown under organic farming methods certified by CCPB and Fairtrade. Aromatic taste, light body.
Suitable for people who choose an organic and vegetarian diet. Suggested with: fine and delicate aroma dishes. Nativo is sweet, intense, well-balanced taste with hints of cocoa and fruit.
Low caffeine content.


Aroma 70%
Body 70%
Cream 80%
Persistance 80%
Sweetness 80%


The meaning of Bevilo Buono

The FAIRTRADE trademark, created in 2002, brings together all the fair trade initiatives and is today the most ethical certification in the world. It ensures that producers are paid a fair price that is stable and independent from market fluctuations and an additional Fairtrade Premium that can be invested for the development of the community.