We started the Biondo production over twenty years ago to meet the demand of our international clients at our cafes in Venice.


We created Biondo many years ago, specially to meet the demand of our Anglo-Saxon clients at our cafes in Venice as they were looking for a really good Italian coffee, however roasted for less time.

In 2015 Biondo was redesigned by Nicola Ferrarese, Fabio Fedrigo and Matteo de Mayda who also created a wonderful presentation video.  For Italian clients, Biondo represented a novelty introducing a new way to enjoy coffee, usually best known to international travellers.  We have preserved the fragrance of a rich, full, sweet and pleasant taste by decreasing roasting to 10 minutes.  With this type of roast, coffee beans remain blonde and develop a taste with citrus notes.  This blend of 100% Arabica coffees features well-balanced tastes with the sweet notes of Guatemala’s tropical fruit, a fine citrus acidity that is unique of coffee from Honduras and finally a bitter cocoa aftertaste typical of Brazilian coffee.

Biondo’s mild taste is particularly enhanced by filter systems brewing.  Sip it in large or take-away cups.  This coffee keeps you company while you are taking a walk or working.

It is perfect as an espresso or iced preparations.