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The kitchen fills up with aromas

Our wide range of coffees to bring home with you
or for a nice gift.


Our blends are designed to suit all the different brewing needs at home.  From the 100% Arabica to stronger blends, with various levels of different intensity.  We offer a wide range of coffees ideal for mokas and pod coffee machines, and also available in whole beans for those who love freshly ground coffee.



    Dedicated to those who want a coffee with a full aroma avoiding the strong effect of caffeine.

  • CAPSULES 30 PIECES 3 + 1


    Three packs of mixed capsules: Aromatic, Classic and Precious, Nespresso® compatible.

  • Classico (10 capsules, 30 capsules)


    Classic aroma, intense aftertaste, persistent fruity aromas.

  • Goppion LTD ED - Perù (500 g)


    Special, high quality, single origin coffee in a limited edition.

  • Goppion LTD ED - Etiopia (500 g)


    Special high quality single origin coffee in a limited edition.

  • Vulcano Tin (250 g)


    A mixture of excellent quality Brazilian and Central American Arabica.

  • Oro Line - Espresso (250 g)


    Blend of coffee beans and ground coffees, good for at-home espresso machines.

  • Decaffeinated Nativo (10 capsules)


    Nativo: tasty, sustainable, fairtrade and deca. From organic farming.

  • Nativo (10 capsules)


    Nativo: tasty, sustainable and fairtrade. From organic farming.

  • Pregiato (10 capsules, 30 capsules)


    Intense and velvety flavor and long lasting bitter cocoa aftertaste.