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Goppion Caffè: from the past to the present.

Our story begins in 1859 with the birth of Luigi Goppion, who opened a bar in Lughignano, a small town near Treviso. He focused on roasting coffee beans for the local community. During the Abyssinian War, his nephew Angelo relocated to Ethiopia, followed by Giovanni. Together, they established a bar business in a country renowned for its high-quality coffee.

Despite the challenges posed by the Second World War, in 1948 the Goppion brothers acquired Torrefazione Trevigiana Caffè, initiating their coffee roasting business in Italy and abroad. In 1968, they solidified their presence under the brand Fratelli Goppion Industria del Caffè, transforming their artisanal enterprise into a prosperous industry. The inauguration of their new headquarters in Treviso symbolized this notable transition. Over the years, the reins were passed down to the next generation, upholding a tradition of harmony, respect, and unity. The pursuit of quality, coupled with the pleasure of crafting exceptional coffee, defines Goppion Caffè, which officially became a joint-stock company in 1983. Their passion and dedication to work has propelled them into new markets, establishing their position as a benchmark in the coffee world.

From left to right:
Paola Goppion, Sergio Goppion, Mario Goppion e Silvia Goppion

Where we source
our coffee

Our coffee producers originate from countries located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
After a meticulous selection process, all coffee beans selected for GOPPION are sourced from:

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Our operational approach

We have been in the coffee business since 1948, carefully selecting the finest coffees through trusted suppliers. This allows us to offer special and unique coffees, showcasing the full expression of the lands of origin. The beans are cultivated and classified based on their distinct characteristics.
Our selection process relies on a dual taste assessment: one prior to purchasing the beans and another upon arrival in Italy. The final taste evaluation, before introducing them to the market, involves the blend.

The consistent procurement of large quantities allows us to maintain a stable and recognisable style, preserving the distinctive flavour of our blends and ensuring quality. Our traditional roasting process is tailored to each type of coffee, emphasising their unique characteristics based on origin and species. Each coffee batch undergoes thorough checks, and a specific roasting curve, tightly controlled by our expert roasters, is adopted. This imparts Goppion coffees with unique characteristics that set them apart in the market.
Our company prioritizes safety, maintaining careful control over processing and working environments, and relies on in-depth knowledge of production processes. Situated at the intersection of craftsmanship and industry, our main resources are sensitivity, expertise, and a dedicated staff working with passion.
For over 30 years, we have been roasting Fairtrade-certified organic coffee, in line with international standards for fair and sustainable trade.
Since 2016, we have held FSSC 22000 certification, ensuring the safety of our production chain. Since 1996, we have been members of CSC® (Certified Speciality Coffee), a Consortium established by ten Italian coffee roasters dedicated to sourcing the best coffee qualities in the countries of origin.
We are also active members of the Consorzio Tutela Caffè Espresso Italiano (Consortium for the Protection of Italian Espresso Coffee), campaigning for the candidature of traditional Italian espresso coffee as a UNESCO intangible heritage.
Our primary objective is to distinguish ourselves, not only for the high quality of each product and the safety of our production processes but also for the well-being and satisfaction of our team, our professionalism, creativity, and, last but not least, the passion we infuse into everything we do.

Our experience

Our project is a testament to quality as it is an integral part of our lives. In 1987, our encounter with Third World Cooperatives (now AltroMercato) introduced us to the principles of the fair market. A few years later, we achieved the distinction of becoming the first Italian coffee roasting company to join Transfair (now Fairtrade).

This marked the birth of NATIVO, our line of organic coffee, which, in 1999, earned us the prestigious Grand Prix Design – Brand Identity award from the Italian Art Directors Club.
Attention to design remains a paramount aspect for us, as it provides a unique opportunity to convey the thoughts, culture, and colours of distant lands. This commitment is evident in our focus on the design and packaging of all our products.
In the early 90s, we introduced Ja.Bl.Mo., a blend infused with Caribbean flavours, thanks to the inclusion of Jamaican coffee.

In 1996, the CSC® Consortium – Certified Speciality Coffees – was established. This project is dedicated to traceability from plantation to cup and the selection of coffee at the individual plantation level.
This commitment involves a precise understanding of the coffee producer and the collaborative establishment of the production process with them. Our first product within the CSC® was ESPRESSO DI PIANTAGIONE (Plantation Espresso), followed by the LTD ED (Limited Edition) line featuring single plantation coffees. Every product is marked with a label certifying this process. For the past two years, the Consortium has also collaborated on a cooperative project with Amka, a non-profit organization dedicated to initiating solidarity projects in the coffee lands of Guatemala.

We love Venice and are fascinated by its significant role in the import and spread of coffee in the 1700s. In 2016, to contribute to the preservation of the city’s artistic heritage, we entered into an agreement with the Polo Museale del Veneto. This collaboration granted us the use of images from two paintings by Francesco Guardi, an iconic painter of 18th-century Venice. These images were employed to refresh the packaging of DOLCE, our inaugural blend.

SPECIALE BAR and, more recently, HERMANOS, were crafted to meet the demand for a blend with a more robust presence of good and fragrant Robusta coffee.
We also take pride in DECAFFEINATO, an excellent product resulting from a clean decaffeination process that preserves the authentic flavours of pure Arabica coffees.

For those with a preference for more delicate flavours, we created BIONDO, a lightly roasted coffee that has recently undergone a restyling.
To cater to home consumers, we have dedicated our ORO and ROSSO lines, available in major retail chains, along with our capsules, offering a wide range of coffees with delicious flavours reminiscent of those enjoyed at the bar.

We offer a diverse range of products, all brought together under our long-standing slogan Bevilo Buono. This phrase is an invitation to savour coffee with awareness and taste, prompting reflection on a gesture often taken for granted. It encourages the rediscovery of the centrality that coffee has held for centuries.
These two words aim to restore the dignity coffee deserves, so that it becomes once again a ritual imbued with profound meaning, full of fragrances, aromas, and unhurried moments.

Coffee Beans


Large-scale RETAILS (GDO)

Silos's Blend

Coffe House

The Goppion Coffee House is where coffee welcomes us in the morning, hosts us for lunch, and bids us farewell with an aperitif.

We have revamped the Goppion Coffee House model to make it more contemporary, inviting, and practical. The updated format seamlessly blends the warmth of an Italian-style home with the efficiency of spaces catering to a diverse range of offerings – essential for achieving satisfactory economic results in today’s climate.


Quality is central to our objectives
Work began in January 2024 to implement the Sustainability Report.

We adhere to:

Bevilo Buono

Two simple words. Together, they form an exhortation with a profound meaning: ‘drink good coffee’. Above all, they extend an invitation to contemplate the coffee we enjoy daily.
Bevilo Buono means placing trust in those who – through knowledge and decades of experience –excel in selecting only the finest coffees from around the world.
It means having faith in those who know how to roast these coffees to perfection and skilfully blend them to achieve an authentically Italian taste.

It means putting the role of the barista centre stage, the person who – with passion and expertise – acts as an intermediary between the raw ingredients and the cup in our hands. This is accomplished through simple, measured gestures passed down through generations in our country to create the genuine Italian Espresso.
It means having a heightened awareness of the contents of our coffee cup – the result of the intersection of the earth’s generosity and human wisdom, capable of transforming a simple berry into a delectable drink.
It means recognising the dignity coffee deserves, so that it becomes once again a ritual imbued with profound meaning, full of fragrances, aromas, and unhurried moments.