is a constant exercise,
a journey in the world of flavours.

Everyday there is something new to learn.


Taste sensitivity is acquired gradually, through patient and daily experience.
The nuances of flavors and aromas are endless: fruity, flowery, spiced, with a chocolaty and cocoa aftertaste… they multiply on the discerning palate of the connoisseur.
Thanks to expert choices and intuitions, by selecting and dosing coffees of different origins, our roasters have created extraordinary blends.

“When you approach the cupping table, all your senses awaken. All the different sensations come together and form a single picture”


Once in the cup, coffee can be visually analyzed based on look and color.
Texture, firmness, the foam persistence all show whether coffee was correctly extracted, while color and the characteristic of the head or foam can reveal more about the type of blend: 100% arabica, arabica and robusta or 100% robusta.
A correct extraction results in a fine texture foam, a hazelnut color, a 4-5 mm thickness and a good persistence.


It is possible to distinguish scents with notes of toasted bread, vanilla, fruity notes recalling citrus or tropical fruit, cocoa and spices.


The first taste being perceived is the typical bitter taste that in a quality coffee immediately turns into texture, a tactile feeling as that of a film that sticks on the hard palate conveying a mouthfeel sensation. This is followed by roundness, a step where the coffee features fill the mouth, where none of them prevails over the others, instead together they enhance the aroma of the blend. In this phase the coffee aromatic notes can be appreciated: chocolate, fruity notes, fine and pleasant acidity, which is always accompanied by a mouth-watering sensation.

“Arabica is the best from the quality point of view, but some Robusta coffees can surprise us”


Aftertaste is the taste remaining in the mouth after tasting coffee.
When you taste a good coffee, the aftertaste should be satisfying, rich in aromas, at times fruity, flowery, spiced, with almond notes, almost always chocolaty; you should feel like having a second cup of coffee because of that intense and pleasant feeling.

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