Coffee houses


At Goppion coffee houses you can choose among different blends and have your coffee ground there and then. Just as it used to be.


The world of coffee includes delicious Arabica but also much-loved Robusta varieties.
For many decades now, we have been selecting special coffees and following traditional methods to enhance their secrets and the scents of their lands of origin.
We combine amazing aromas and unique fragrances to create characteristic blends that fill our silos in Goppion coffee houses with beans ready to be ground to the best consistency for the type of brewing preferred. All of our blends’ imaginative names are suggestive of their distinctive features.

A world full of amazing aromas for coffee lovers.


Arabica 100%
Ethiopia, Brazil, Honduras.

Kaffa is a top quality blend where Arabica from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Honduras come together in a scented union, with a rounded body and a low caffeine content.
The prevalent quantity of Ethiopian coffee, from the Yrgalem area in the Sidamo region, distinguishes this enveloping blend, sweet, intense, aromatic with hints of citrus fruit, and notes of chocolate and almond.
Low caffeine content.


Arabica 90%, high quality Robusta 10%
Guatemala, Brazil, India.

The taste of this blend is rich, sweet, aromatic with hints of tropical fruit and lightly spiced, with a clear cocoa aftertaste, owing mainly to the presence of coffee from the Mayan lands.
This quality of coffee from Guatemala stands out for the mark SHB, Strictly Hard Been, that is coffee grown in a tropical climate at 1500 meters above sea level; it is considered as one of the best coffees in the world.
It is combined with a Brazilian Santos from the Minas Gerais state.
Full-bodied with fine acidity.
Low caffeine content.


Arabica 80%, high quality Robusta 20%, Brazil, Indonesia, Honduras.

Blend of fine Arabica and Robusta coffees decaffeinated with ISO 9002 certified system.
Mild taste, smooth acidity for a well-balanced cup. Sweet aftertaste with fruity notes.
Ideal for those who are up for coffee any time. Caffeine content below 0.1% – verified on each production batch.


Arabica 70%, high quality Robusta 30%, Brazil, Indonesia, Honduras

A well-defined sweet taste, intense, rounded, and full-bodied, an aftertaste with notes of cocoa and spices.
The unmistakable taste of one of the best Robusta in the world characterises this incredibly aromatic blend: these coffees comes from Flores, one of the lesser Sunda islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Ideal for morning breakfast and for those who love well-defined tastes.
Medium caffeine content.


Arabica 100%
Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras

Biondo features a light roast. Coffee beans are roasted for 8-10 minutes only, therefore they remain lighter compared to the traditional roast for espresso and develop a fragrant aroma. This 100% Arabica coffee blend features well-balanced tastes evoking the sweetness of tropical fruit and fine acidity, with unique hints of Guatemala and Honduras. And in the end a cocoa aftertaste, a gift from Brazilian coffee. Low caffeine content.