The creation of the Goppion taste


Our mission is to bring together Top Quality Coffees from all over the world and produce the best blends.


We roast our coffees according to the tradition and we choose our productive processes according to our deep knowledge of the raw material.

Our headquarter was built in 1965 along the napoleonic road between Treviso and Venice and it was inaugurated in 1968. Nowadays, 40 skilled people work in our Company and 20 sales agents scattered throughout the territory.

We select our fine coffees only from reliable and regular suppliers who have a solid and rooted working reality in the countries of origin.

We pay close attention in selecting the coffees that will end up in the blends, not only in terms of origin and species. As a matter of fact, we want each batch of coffee to express the typical characteristics of the production areas where they grew in the best way possible.

To us, quality comes always first:

  • The scrupulous selection of the raw materials directly into the countries of origins;
  • The experts who taste each batch of coffee before each purchase;
  • We test again the green coffees once they arrive in the ports of Italy and we refuse to use them if any type of problem should be encountered;
  • We store the coffee inside the Company only after laboratory analysis in order to find out any possible dangerous component, such as ocher toxin;
  • We create our blends trying to make the most of the qualities of each single origin but also keeping in mind the preferences of the markets where they will be sold. The blends enhance the characteristics of each individual component and preserve the taste: this is our way to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Coffee before roasting.

  • The traditional roasting process is the best procedure to enhance the characteristics of the coffees we use. Our skilled roasters know every different crop and harvest time, consequently they are able to give to each batch of coffee a particular roasting curve. This perfect balance between craftsmanship, knowledge and tradition are part of our wrokers’ skills and it is very important in order to achieve a high quality standard.
  • The use of the traditional roasters gives a characteristic mark to our products, making the Goppion quality unmistakable;
  • Our original packagings describe the characteristics of the blends;
    packaging with / without nitrogen, we use high quality materials produced by companies known for the high quality standards: dealing with food requires a special care.
  • Utmost care and attention throughout the supply chain: our equipment, adequate and modern, is always perfectly cleaned.

Just roasted coffee.

A packaging phase

  • The storage of the finished product in the warehouse with a planned rotation in order to keep the coffee fresh;
  • We check the loading procedures and the temperatures during transportation;
  • Our Baristas are trained by recognized coaches;
  • Since 2012 we have been using the solar panels to produce up to the 85% of energy;
  • The Safety and the comfort for the staff.

At our company the taste is shaped, this is how we create good flavors”.

When tasting a good cup of coffee our senses awake; this is achieved thanks to ideas, choices and people who together generate new ideas.
Thus with a simple gesture, Goppion disseminates a culture of know-how and creates social occasions.

With a family’s gesture.