Coffee House


In the large square that dates back to medieval times.

The café is located under the typical Venetian arcades that lead to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.
Since 1974 this cafeteria has been considered a Goppion flagship store, located in the square that all Mestre citizens consider their favourite meeting place; here you can find a wide offer of silo blends as well as speciality coffees.
The Kraja family runs it in a very professional way. While inside there are just a few seats, the outdoor seating area right in Piazza Ferretto is really beautiful.

“We ourselves are a mix of passions.
This makes the best coffee: for us, Goppion Caffè”.

Contact us:

Kraja brothers

Piazza Erminio Ferretto, 71 – Venezia Mestre

T. 041 970251