The origins

Brazil - Alta Mogiana Franca NY2



This region takes its name from the  railway system, Railways Mogiana Company, which was built in 1872 in order to transport the huge volumes of coffee of the area.  The Mogiana highlands are in the municipality of Franca that is also Alta Mogiana’s capital city. We are more precisely in Pedregulho – one of the top production areas in the state – at about 1,100-1,250 mt above sea level, featuring the ideal characteristics to grow the best of Brazilian arabica. This coffee is really unique, just ideal for espresso blends.
The plants that are born and grown in this area can enjoy a favorable tropical highland climate with dry winters, rainy summers and moderate temperatures that are around 20°C / 68°F all the year round.  The rains, which fall also between 900 and 1,280 mt above the sea level, make the plains very fertile.
We purchase this coffee through a selected Trader, who knows perfectly well all the production aspects and deals directly with the local producers thus avoiding any other intermediary.
Some producers hand-pick the harvest, while others have started mechanical harvesting. In the coffee drying process the berries are spread out to dry in the sun in brick patios or dried by means of drying machines. Once dried, the coffee is vacuum packed and sent to Santos; the product originality is guaranteed by the Alta Mogiana trademark stamped on the coffee bags.

General information

  • Country of origin


  • Production area

    Alta Mogiana, Franca-Pedregulho

  • Qualitative description


Product type

  • Species


  • Variety of the plant

    Mundo Novo, Catucai, Red e Yellow Catucai, Bourbon

  • Altitude

    950 - 1100 mt

  • Harvest time

    May - September

  • Harvest method

    Machine harvest and picking

  • Manufacturing process


  • Drying method

    On the patio or in the dryer

End in the cup

  • Aroma

    Very sweet

  • Body

    Full and round

  • Acidity

    Light acidity

  • Persistence

    Notes of cocoa

The Goppion coffees from this plantation